Project MIRED_s Online Workshop Series 2023

March 13 and April 3rd (2pm – 4pm CET)

In the context of enduring forced migration, this workshop series facilitates scholars from a plurality of disciplines to reflect on the enduring double standard that sees some displaced people conceived as tragic victims and others as unworthy of compassion and educational inclusion.

Workshops are now scheduled for March 13th and April 3rd. These workshops will consist of three papers on each day, followed by a discussion about key issues. See the programme here: Project MIREDs_Workshop Flyer_2023_03_06

Registration is now open. To register, please click here.


Rory Mc Daid (Marino Institute of Education); Joanna McIntyre (University of Nottingham); Michelle Proyer (University of Vienna); Wayne Veck (Winchester University)