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The Knowledge Base includes resources based on the following research criteria:

Inclusion Criteria

  1. The focus of the research refers to arrivals since 2011 and was published in or since 2015
  2. The document includes reference to ‘refugee’, ‘forced migrant’, ‘displaced’, ‘asylum seeker’
  3. The publication language is English (this includes publications where the abstract is in English but the main document is not)
  4. The publication must have at least one section on education, among other topics (this includes work that focuses on teaching about refugees/forced migration)
  5. Research that includes at least one European country as its focus
  6. The type of publication includes journal articles; masters & doctoral theses / dissertations; reports; conference proceedings; book chapters; books; blog posts

Exclusion Criteria

  1. The focus of the research refers to those who arrived before 2011
  2. Types of publication excluded are news articles; press releases; social media posts; reference work entries; bachelor-level dissertations; book reviews; data tables
  3. The focus of the work is primarily on health (including medical education)
  4. The document refers only to ‘migrant’ or ‘immigrant’

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