online platform for sharing knowledge about refugee education in Europe

Hub for Education for Refugees in Europe (HERE) provides a central reference point for information relating to refugee education throughout Europe in the form of a curated, searchable knowledge base of academic and non-academic resources on refugee education from across the continent, published since 2015.

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The HERE Knowledge Base includes hundreds of academic and non-academic resources on refugee education from across Europe. The knowledge base is fully searchable, and links are provided to source materials. New resources are regularly being added, the latest of which are shown here.

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Knowledge Base

The HERE Network connects interested parties in the field of refugee education through online and offline activities with the aim of exchanging knowledge and developing research and practice on refugee education across Europe. The latest events and opportunities are shown here.

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HERE Insights are provided by experts within the HERE Network based on academic research, policy documentation and case studies of the educational experiences of refugees, and those supporting them with their education. Posts are designed to encourage open dialogue across the network about critical issues.

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HERE Insights

The Sanctuary Scholars Programme 2024 – Increasing a sense of belonging for students from refugee, asylum-seeking and forced migrant backgrounds at UK HE institutions through a ‘place-based’ approach, mobilising the PhD community
Introduction The Brilliant Club has a track record of over ten years working with students from underrepresented groups across the UK, providing them with skills and experiences to help them in accessing and succeeding at […]
May 21, 2024
Drawing Together
In a turbulent world, what can we learn from wellbeing in the lives of young refugees? We look at this question through a project called Drawing Together. By using that phrase, we mean two things. […]
May 3, 2024

HERE Practitioner Resources are…

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Practitioner Resources

Practitioner Resources

Test Practitioner Resource 3
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Hub for Education for Refugee Education
Test Practitioner Resource 2
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Hub for Education for Refugee Education
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