Using the “levels of concern” lens, this position paper presents guiding principles that articulate the relationship between social justice and refugee education. The paper offers a commentary on the contemporary theory and practice of refugee education through the lens of emotioncy. The discussion begins by exploring the emotional responses such as sympathy and empathy, before moving on to unveil new concepts like metapathy and transpathy. Metapathy signifies a forward-thinking approach, emphasising future thinking, success, and personalised lasting solutions. Transpathy goes further, integrating a deep emotional investment that encompasses love. These levels of concern are woven into a cohesive set of guiding principles, offering teachers, organisations, and researchers more than strategies; they present a visionary pathway for fostering individual empowerment and integration within the refugee community. The paper calls for tangible changes in policy and practice to enhance refugee education by applying levels of concern, relational aspects of social justice, and a comprehensive emotionally invested approach. It concludes with an invitation to create a compassionate and inclusive educational landscape guided by a legacy of empathy, transformation, and love. © Mir Abdullah Miri, 2023.

DOI: 10.22034/cee.2023.414477.1012