Humanitarian organizations are actively engaged in
delivering educational support to children displaced in
Ukraine and host countries by the conflict. As Ukraine
and host country governments strive to deliver
education to all children, it must be recognized that:
• humanitarian organizations play a critical role
in ensuring that displaced, vulnerable children
receive education and psycho-social support
integral to their development.
• Learning in school settings is vital for children’s
mental health, social development and academic
achievement, therefore education must be fully
funded in the humanitarian response.
• Most displaced Ukrainian children are schooled
through online learning. Barriers to in-person
learning must be addressed by Ukraine and host
governments to shift the degree of reliance on
online learning.
• Humanitarian learning hubs that integrate
education, protection and mental health and
psycho-social support for Ukrainian students and
parents demonstrate the necessity to adopt a
wholistic approach in the formal school system to
effectively meet the needs of displaced children.