Many refugee youth aspire to complete higher education in order to pursue personal development, obtain secure employment, facilitate socio-economic integration, and build more stable futures in their new communities. However, they often face intersecting legal, economic, linguistic, psychosocial, and structural barriers to accessing higher education. Based on thematic analysis of in-depth interviews, this chapter examines the experiences of a group of 11 Syrian refugee young adults who accessed higher education during displacement in Turkey, documenting how they encountered and overcame the challenges of interrupted education, informational and navigational barriers, language acquisition, economic constraints, and racism to pursue their goals. The chapter closes with recommendations for educators, university faculty and administrators, policymakers, and other stakeholders committed to increasing access and equity for refugee youth aspiring to higher education. © 2023 by IGI Global.

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-7781-6.ch006

ISBN: 9781668477823; 9781668477816