In the study, the difficulties faced by mathematics teachers in schools in Temporary Accommodation Centers in Türkiye and ways of coping were investigated. In this sense, it is focused on the experiences of mathematics teachers working in the schools in the Temporary Accommodation Center, and it is aimed to contribute to the understanding of the teaching processes. The study data were collected from mathematics teachers working in schools in Temporary Accommodation Centers. The research was conducted with a qualitative approach. Phenomenology design was used in the study. The study observed that teachers try to create opportunities to learn mathematics. Teachers have been attempting to enrich the lessons (ethnomathematics) by incorporating the cultures and languages of refugee students into the class, even though they have yet to receive any training. To create the fair learning environments deserved by refugee students in the Temporary Accommodation Center, it is recommended to increase the studies on teachers’ mathematics teaching processes and to identify their needs.

DOI: 10.17522/balikesirnef.1335101
ISSN: 13076086