The chapter opens with an extract from Gare’s story, which illustrates the importance of the concept of safety through education for one refugee child. The chapter then offers a descriptive case study of Larkspur School, focusing on the practices and organisational structures that are in place to help refugee children experience a sense of safety. The case study portrait draws on observations and fieldnotes alongside the voices and perspectives of the pupils and those who work with them. From this in-depth description, the chapter then moves to draw on data from focus group discussions and interviews with participants from all the case study sites. This illustrates how practitioners from different institutions define and redefine the concept of safety within their practice and provision for refugee children. The third part of the chapter interrogates this concept of safety through the lenses of redistribution, recognition and representation. The chapter concludes by clarifying the concept of safety in the specific context of refugee children and provides a new multifaceted definition of the term safety, which is conceived as an ongoing process, within education.

DOI: 10.4324/9780429263811-6

ISBN: 9780429263811