In this research, it is aimed to examine the contribution of Social Studies course in terms of social integration of students living as an asylum seeker in Turkey and continuing their education in schools in Turkey, according to student opinions. The research was carried out with the qualitative research method and the research participants were determined by the criterion sampling method, which is one of the purposeful sampling methods. Data were obtained from the participants with a semi-structured interview form and content analysis technique was used to analyze these data. According to the results of the research, the Social Studies course; has made significant contributions to to asylum seeker students in learning the Turkish language, using it effectively and improving their Turkish; It is seen that it teaches the Turkish lifestyle and behavior patterns, customs and traditions, customs and traditions, and more generally Turkish culture. Asylum seeker students have some problems in Turkey, but the Social Studies course is guiding in solving these problems; It has been concluded that some factors such as the way of teaching Social Studies course teachers, the attitudes and behaviors of teachers, the content of the Social Studies textbook and the process of teaching this course contribute significantly to the integration of asylum seeker students into Turkish society. © (2023), (T.C. Milli Egitim Bakanligi). All Rights Reserved.

DOI: 10.37669/MILLIEGITIM.1167540
ISSN: 13025600