The purpose of this study carried out with preservice social studies teachers in the final stage of transition to professional life was to investigate the sources they used for information about recent refugee mobility in Turkey, and their way of questioning the reliability of these sources. The study also analysed their views on the subject, within the context of critical thinking competencies and their views related to the approaches to be followed with refugee students in their future roles as teachers. This qualitative study used “criterion sampling”, a purposive sampling method based on holistic single case design. Within this context, 43 students attending the social studies education program of a university in Central Anatolia in the fall semester of 2019/2020 academic year created the study group. The data were obtained with observation, interview and document analysis methods. According to the findings, preservice teachers’ information sources about recent refugee mobility included their social environment, especially their teachers and friends. The majority of preservice teachers did not question the reliability of the information sources they used. It was determined that the preservice teachers had discriminatory attitudes towards Syrian refugees, although nationalist ideology and prejudiced perspectives were dominant. © 2023, Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Inc. All rights reserved.

ISSN: 0313-7155