Due to globalization, migration trends, refugee crises, and global media during the past few decades, social and cultural components of societies have undergone significant change. New multicultural societies have a big effect on daily life, culture, and education by bringing new perspectives about being local and universal. Including refugees in the school system creates a new learning environment for local students and educators. Living together with different cultures reveals different challenges for every part of the society. Changes in the society have a huge effect on the school environment, and the diversity in faith, religious beliefs and worldviews can be seen among students in Turkish schools. This new situation requires reconsidering the educational contents and curriculums in the schools. The inclusion of diverse point of view in the curriculum will transform students’ thoughts and attitudes toward others, especially refugees, and help them to understand the importance of living together peacefully. Apart from all other courses in the Turkish educational system the compulsory religious education should undertake the role of peace-making in the society with its content and approach. Focusing on cultural similarities and differences in an educational setting could bring a new context that society might use in dealing with conflicts. © The Editor(s) (if applicable) and The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2023.

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-031-20133-2_7

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