The field of physical education (PE), sport, and forced migration studies has grown considerably in recent years. Although we have seen an increase in publications in the field, no reviews of pedagogies regarding people with refugee backgrounds in PE and sport have been published to date. The purpose of this review is to critically examine pedagogies implemented with young people with refugee backgrounds in PE and sport. Using Freirean critical pedagogy as an analytical lens, we identified two themes: (a) the need to overcome cultural deficit perspectives by engaging in dialogue with the young people and (b) the need to move from assimilationist to co-designed ways of working with the young people in PE and sport. We outline directions and critical challenges for future research on the relationship between young people with refugee backgrounds and pedagogies implemented in PE and sport.

DOI: 10.1080/25742981.2022.2052330
ISSN: 2574-2981, 2574-299X