Unaccompanied foreign minors match an administrative definition, that of foreign minor without legal representative in France. Often they are fleeing war and misery, trying to get to places to rebuild themselves and live. For those who manage to get to their destination the obstacles remain numerous, and the confrontation with the reality of migration brutal. We will present here the case of Merveille, a young Congolese, to illustrate the impact of repeated breaks in the support of these young people, and tackle the question of recourse to education as a possible psychic recourse. If Merveille has been saved from psychic decompensation, because of his capacity for resilience, this is not the case for many unaccompanied foreign minors. We will take stock of the access to psychic care, and of the often necessary adaptation of professionals to this clinic of errance.

DOI: 10.3917/ep.067.0054
ISSN: 1286-5559