In previous historical periods, people migrated because their lives were in danger; even though we have entered the second decade of the 21st century, such things are unfortunately still taking place, because armed conflicts are still occurring, for instance in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, etc. In 2015, more people emigrated to other countries than in previous decades, especially to Europe; some of them also came to Slovenia, but only few of them apply for asylum. Our country very rarely grants refugee status to forced migrants; it would therefore be more humane if it were to grant it to a greater number of asylum seekers, at least to those who applied for asylum; that way Slovenia would become involved in the international efforts to solve the refugee situation. Not only are refugees people like us and not a burden, but they bring various knowledge, skills, competences, and abilities to the receiving countries; if they are employable, they could form a significant part of the active population in Slovenia. By offering them proper integration, we will not only enable them a decent life, but they could also partly solve one of our key demographic problems, i.e. a decline in the active population.

ISSN: 1318-4717