This study aims to make clear the matter at hand that of the educational status of the Syrian refugees in Turkey. Turkey has become one of the countries that felt the impact of the war in Syria the most. In a very short period of time 1.5 million students have been added to the current 20 million students. The interviews were conducted by researchers using a semi structured form concurrent with the qualitative research pattern. The interviewees were asked questions under three main headings: Interviewees’ educational background, current educational process in Turkey, and their plans about the future, their criticisms and suggestions. One of the significant points made in the study is the inadequacy to provide all citizens with educational opportunities equally. The most common struggle refugees’ face is communication due to the “language barrier”. The most important reason behind Syrians having poor attendance is the uncertainty in their lives and economic struggles.

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6918-3.ch018

ISBN: 9781522569190, 9781522569183