De Wal Pastoor L.

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Effectiveness of Promotive and Preventive Psychosocial Interventions on Improving the Mental Health of Finnish-Born and Immigrant Adolescents
Background: Schools are considered natural environments in which to enhance students’ social–emotional skills and mental health in general, but they can be especially important for students with refugee and immigrant backgrounds. The current study tested the effectiveness of two school-based interventions in enhancing the mental health and wellbeing of adolescents of native, refugee, and immigrant backgrounds. It further analyzed the…
Rethinking refugee education: Principles, policies and practice from a European perspective
The significant increase in refugees in Europe and worldwide during 2015 challenges the paradigm of refugee education. For many decades, 'refugee education' has been primarily associated with the education of refugees in countries far-away as the majority of the world's displaced persons and refugees are hosted by countries in the Global South. However, the recent European 'refugee crisis', that is,…