Gabrielli M.

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Young refugees and asylum-seekers in Catalonia: An analysis of the implementation of policies and programmes for their social inclusion
Young refugees and asylum-seekers, over 18 years old, face many obstacles in accessing socio-educational services in Catalonia (Spain). This study aims to identify policies and programmes that facilitate or hamper their socio-educational pathways and transition to the labour market in the Catalan context. From a multilevel approach, we analyse the correlation between policies and institutional responses at the macro level…
Social practices with young refugees and asylum seekers: Emergency policies and shortcomings of the Spanish reception system
Young refugees and asylum seekers face obstacles in their socio-educational pathways and employability in Catalonia (Spain). This study analyzes the social practice of professionals who provide reception services to young people in not-for-profit organizations. The results show the lack of transformative capacity of social practice, the precariousness of resources, and increasingly restrictive policies weakening the objective of social intervention to…
A multimodal ethnographic approach: Exploring the social and educational experience of young refugees and asylum-seekers
This study provides an in-depth understanding of the structural and contextual factors that foster or hinder the educational pathways and employment opportunities of young refugees and asylum-seekers in Catalonia (Spain), and how their expectations and aspirations vary and change before and after forced migration. The authors implemented a multimodal ethnographic methodology that explore, the potential of photography, to analyze how…