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Refugee woman in the spanish press: a didactic proposal for critical analysis of discourse in the university classroom [La mujer refugiada en la prensa española: una propuesta didáctica de análisis crítico del discurso en el aula universitaria1]
This paper offers a reflection on the inclusion of the gender perspective in the university classroom, specifically, within the compulsory subject of Strategies for communication in multilingual groups of the Degree in Social Education at the University of Almería (Spain). In this, a didactic training proposal for Social Education students is proposed from the parameters of Critical Discourse Analysis to…
Discursive analysis of the press representation of refugees in the field of education [Análisis discursivo de la representación en prensa de los refugiados en el ámbito educativo]
This article is part of the research framework of the R + D Research Project DIPURE (The Public Discourse on Refugees in Spain). The refugee crisis with which the media refers to the notable increase in refugees in 2015-especially-in the wake of the intensified conflict in Syria, our purpose is to analyze critically the discourse of written media (press) relating…