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The German case: an analysis of refugee student supports in higher education
Germany has frequently been cited as a case study in the contemporary dialogue around refugee higher education. Much of the emerging literature that focuses on refugee education in Germany has dealt with access to higher education institutions (HEIs), profiling ‘pathway’ or ‘bridging’ programmes that prepare students for higher education and are familiar in other national settings. This chapter seeks to…
Migrants, refugees, and “diversity” at German universities: A grounded theory analysis
The current displacement crisis in the German context has focused scholarly attention on refugee student access to higher education. However, much less research has attended to supports at higher education institutions (HEIs) for enrolled migrant and refugee students. In fact, education research in the German setting rarely focuses on students from any migrant background, though these students comprise between 20-25%…
Higher education for refugees: A need for intersectional research
Refugees pursuing higher education in the context of host countries face numerous challenges, but the literature is sparse on relevant university supports. This article evaluates the existing transnational literature using quantitative textual analysis to point toward the need for scholarship on intersectional programs serving refugee students. Wethen move to outline examples of such university structures, probing how intersectional programs undergird…
Refugees in the German higher education system: implications and recommendations for policy change
The refugee influx in the European context has challenged national systems and individual higher education institutions to develop and iterate solutions for prospective and, increasingly, enrolled university students. In the German setting, enormous federal investment has supported a robust response, though one which in several aspects lacks cohesion. This paper discusses possible implications of refugee student enrolment in German universities,…