In this paper we present and discuss the conception and design of the new postgraduate programme “Language Education for Refugees and Migrants” (LRM) as an initiative of the Hellenic Open University in order to critically react to the needs of refugees and migrants in current times of refugee flows to and through in Greece. We describe the course design and the development of an e-learning curriculum for language teachers of various levels who face several challenges in their everyday teaching practice working with learners of an immigrant or refugee background. We also present the rationale and the content of LRM which constitutes an innovation for the Greek but also the European context, and argue for its great importance for the local society but also for a broader target group of teachers who teach second language aiming at inclusion and social change. We further problematize the need for a changing culture in language education in general and suggest how open and distance learning can mediate and provide ‘accesses’ to disadvantaged, ‘silenced’ and marginalised language learners and language teachers transforming senses of place through flexible and inclusive learning spaces.

ISBN: 9789897582394