The chapter begins with Gare’s reflections upon the ways in which he is now able to consider a future in his new context and in so doing introduces the concept of success within education provision for refugee children who have very differing start and end points from their peers. The chapter illustrates how success takes on different forms through the portrait of life in Lilac Lane Academy. There then follows debates and dialogues from the focus group and interviews across the case study sites to illustrate how the practitioners work to help their refugee pupils experience and achieve a sense of success. The practitioners acknowledge how many refugee pupils have a real will to succeed and see education as their main way of achieving this. The application of Fraser’s tripartite lenses then analyses the potential barriers to their refugee pupils being able to experience succeeding in different ways. The final part of the chapter pulls these sections together and develops a discussion of the concept of success and succeeding as it applies to refugee children and concludes with a definition of success as a dynamic concept that applies beyond the time that the new arrival spends in the school setting.

DOI: 10.4324/9780429263811-8

ISBN: 9780429263811