This chapter examines how different countries allow refugees to pursue higher education. Policy and practice comparisons will be made between the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. In many industrialized countries, refugees are able to pursue higher education. This is an important part of integrating these individuals into the societies in which they reside. However, depending on the country, there may be differences in the process of qualification recognition, the tuition fees, and the availability of scholarships and financial assistance. Moreover, the policies and practices in the three selected countries emphasize access to higher education, and offer opportunities for participation, while neglecting the aspect of social inclusion related to empowerment. The findings may assist institutions of higher education in determining which policies to adopt in order to provide quality higher education to refugees and enable them to integrate more effectively. © 2023 by IGI Global.

DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-7781-6.ch007

ISBN: 9781668477823; 9781668477816