The article reveals the concept of digital entrepreneurship and its framework for education of immigrants and asylum seekers in Baltic Sea countries. The research has been carried out in the boundaries of the Nordplus Adult project with participation of partner organisations from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden. As stated in the article, digital entrepreneurship is supposed to be one of the opportunities in promoting successful integration of immigrants and asylum seekers into labour market. Therefore, by supporting the development of entrepreneurship as an integral part of adult education, and modelling new methods of combining new digital technologies and entrepreneurship education it is intended to help both immigrants and asylum seekers to acquire relevant competence for successful integration into labour markets. The article’s purpose is to disclose the relevance of digital entrepreneurship as a new competence of immigrants and asylum seekers with respect to their needs for successful integration into the socio-economic situation of a host country. The method of data collection was interview with experts. The experts found the efficiency of the framework important to some degree. In the experts’ opinion, educational goals based on the framework are achievable. However, diversity of the target group could be a risky factor.

DOI: 10.2478/cplbu-2020-0047
ISSN: 1843-6730