Introduction. Library and information science researchers identify public library roles in the integration of forced migrants into local communities. Here an analysis of formal documentation issued by local authorities allowed for an exploration of public libraries as services to aid the integration of forced migrants in Scotland. Method. In 2021, 23 Scottish local authorities responded to Freedom of Information requests to supply documentation on the integration of forced migrants. Analysis. Inductive thematic analysis was conducted on 141 files. Complete coding resulted in 44 consolidated codes and 4 candidate themes. Results. Scottish local authority documentation primarily records provision for the integration of forced migrants, rather than advocates policy or guidance. The local authorities focus mainly on housing, education, and health, with close attention to the legal context, in efforts to address forced migrant integration needs. Public libraries feature only occasionally in the documentation: as services that support orientation and/or provide leisure facilities. Their potential to contribute to meeting information needs, or supporting literacy and learning, is not considered. Conclusions. The integration of forced migrants is an important priority of Scottish local authorities, but one that does not currently acknowledge the roles that public libraries play in such endeavours.

DOI: 10.47989/colis2218
ISSN: 1368-1613