In this study, it is aimed to determine the feelings and thoughts of Syrian refugee primary school students regarding the difficulties and opportunities they face in their learning processes in distance education during the Covid-19 outburst.Using the case study design of the qualitative research approach, study was conducted with 36 4th grade students who came to Turkey due to forced migration. Results showed that there are four different themes for students’ views. These are (1) being away from school, (2) educational activities at home,(3) difficulties in terms of courses, (4) favorable situations in terms of courses.The distance education applications, which started to be implemented during the Covid-19 epidemic, caused refugee students living in our country to have both positive and negative learning experiences. It can be ensured that these feedbacks on distance education can be used to improve both distance and face-to-face education processes and to create more qualified learning environments.

DOI: 10.37669/milliegitim.783048
ISSN: 1302-5600