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“What doesn’t defeat me makes me stronger” A Qualitative Study drawing on the Perspectives of Syrian Refugee University Students in Turkey
Education is one of the most crucial instruments for refugee youth to remove the disadvantages and enhance their social and structural integration into society. However, the unequal education opportunities concerning the barriers avoid the integration of refugee students into society and make them prone to discrimination. This qualitative descriptive design study aimed at describing the experiences of the subjective perspectives…
Inclusion teacher qualifications as a basis for refugee education: A framework review according to views of turkish teachers
The present study aimed to discuss the teacher qualifications necessary to create inclusive education environments towards Syrian students who are under the status of temporary protection and educated in Turkey on the basis of the experiences and views of teachers. In the study, the phenomenological design was preferred as it was attempted to address the concept of inclusiveness specific to…
The relationships among psychological resilience, intercultural sensitivity and empathetic tendency among teachers of Syrian refugee children in Turkey
Within the provision of education, teachers typically have the closest contact and play a key role in meeting the needs of refugee children through effective communication to achieve culturally qualified education and the provision of more humanistic approach. This descriptive cross-sectional design study is aimed to explore the relationships among psychological resilience, intercultural sensitivity and empathetic tendency in teachers of…
Refugee education in Turkey: barriers and suggested solutions
Education is among the areas most affected by immigration. Addressing refugee children’s schooling is an important contribution to the refugee crises, which span the world with far-reaching socio-economic effect. This study unpacks the challenges that refugee children, mainly from Syria, face in integrating into primary and secondary public schools in Turkey. It also proposes some tentative resolutions, drawing from the experiences…
Learning Experiences Of Syrian Refugee Students During The Outburst Of Covid-19 Pandemic [Göç Mağduru Surİyelİ Öğrencİlerİn Covid-19 Salgini Sürecİndekİ Öğrenme Deneyİmlerİ]
In this study, it is aimed to determine the feelings and thoughts of Syrian refugee primary school students regarding the difficulties and opportunities they face in their learning processes in distance education during the Covid-19 outburst.Using the case study design of the qualitative research approach, study was conducted with 36 4th grade students who came to Turkey due to forced…