Since the start of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, more than 3 million people have fled the country, with UN estimates suggesting that more than half of them are children. To respond to this unprecedented situation, the EU agreed in record time to activate the Temporary Protection Directive to help people fleeing war in Ukraine. The Directive became immediately applicable on 4 March and now offers amongst others the right to education for children and teenagers. The European Commission is mobilising its instruments to support the education systems of the EU Member States receiving Ukrainian refugees. All information on education and training intended for refugee parents, pupils, schools and teachers, as well as those wanting to contribute to solidarity efforts in EU Member States is available on the European Education Area online portal. This includes advice on integrating refugee children in national education systems, teaching and language support, fast track practises on the integration of Ukrainian teachers into national education systems, and guidance on psychological support.

DOI: 10.2766/404801

ISBN: 9789276523208