This article shows the results of the partial analysis of a dataset recently coUected to identify the profile of migrants and refugees (hereinafter MRs) in Spain. These data are, in fact, a subset of the answers to a questionnaire fiUed in by the representatives of a significant sample of NGOs and associations that work with these people in the Autonomous Region of Madrid. In particular, the answers of this questionnaire analysed here have helped to assess the professional, technological and/or academic profile of MRs in our country. This study is part of a broader one, whose aim has been to develop some specifically massive open onHne courses (or MOOCs) for a fairly adapted learning of (mainly) Spanish. In this context, the main goal of the present study has been to determine the technological and educational requirements that these MR-adapted MOOCs and their contents should fulfil

DOI: 10.37536/LYM.13.2.2021.1052
ISSN: 1889-5425