Dahlstedt M.

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Strangers everywhere? Home and unhomeliness in newly arrived pupils’ narratives on exile
This article scrutinises the ways in which pupils who have experienced transnational migration construct ‘home’ and the unmaking of ‘home’. Researchers have argued that migrants’ perspectives on belonging are seldom granted scholarly attention. Here, we seek to redress this oversight by inquiring about the ways in which newly arrived migrants define their (un)homeliness in Sweden in the context of astate-sponsored…
A place called home: the meaning(s) of popular education for newly arrived refugees
In this article, we direct our focus on some of the recent activities undertaken by popular education institutions in Sweden in relation to the refugee challenge in 2015. The aim is to analyse how these popular education activities are shaped as specific communities of practice, through the ways they are described by those who organised these, and what meaning newly…
Language introduction as a space for the inclusion and exclusion of young asylum seekers in Sweden
Purpose: In this article, we focus on the language introduction (LI) programme for newly arrived migrants aged 16–19 in Sweden. We ask how it is organized for inclusion and what kinds of exclusion arise from such an organization. More specifically, we ask the question: in what ways do different settings for LI exclude at the same time as they include?…
Use-values for inclusion: Mobilizing resources in popular education for newly arrived refugees in Sweden
In times of market reforms and international migration, the Swedish welfare model has been seriously challenged. In the context of the arrival of refugees in 2015–2017, the state turned to civil society in facing up to the challenges. In this article, we direct our attention to the Workers’ Educational Association’s (ABF) state-funded work with refugees, with a specific focus on…