Mozetič K.

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A help or hindrance? Highly educated refugees’ perceptions of the role of civic integration programmes in accessing the labour market in Oslo, Malmö and Munich
Research often focuses on individual-level factors shaping refugee labour market participation. Less research has been conducted on the implications of the roles of employers, integration programmes, migrant support organisations and similar. This article contributes to the literature by seeking to understand highly educated refugees’ perceptions of how civic integration programmes shape opportunity structures for their labour market participation. It is…
Cartographers of their Futures: The Formation of Occupational Aspirations of Highly Educated Refugees in Malmö and Munich
The article engages with occupational aspirations of highly educated refugees with the aim to explore how their social positions of being highly educated and a refugee inform their aspirations. It does so by drawing on semi-structured interviews with 30 highly educated refugees living in Malmö and Munich. Findings show how highly educated refugees’ occupational aspirations are informed by their educational…