Unutulmaz K.O.

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International society and its institutions in refugee protection during the covid-19 pandemic: Revisiting the solidarism / pluralism debate in english school [Covid-19 pandemi sürecinde uluslararası toplum ve kurumlarının mülteci koruma politikaları: Ingiliz okulu çerçevesinde çoğulcu/ dayanışmacı tartışması]
This study aims at discussing the vulnerability of the Global Refugee Protection Regime (GRPR) during crises by applying the ‘international society’ concept within the English School of International Relations theory to the COVID-19 pandemic. We analyze the efficiency of the international society institutions on GRPR through the policies and practices of states as well as organizations such as the United…
Turkey’s Education Policies towards Syrian Refugees: A Macro-level Analysis
This study discusses the transformation of Turkey's education policies towards Syrian refugees in three major stages. It argues that education policies in these different stages reflect the general perception of and political vision for Syrian refugees by the Turkish state, and that they are also instruments through which this political vision is materialized and declared. The remarkable evolution of Turkey's…