The Thematic Fiche on Inclusion of young refugees and migrants through education was produced by the members of the ET 2020 Working Group on Promoting Common Values and Inclusive Education. The Working Group operated within the context of the 2018-2020 Working Group mandate and comprised representatives from Member States and Candidate countries, as well as from relevant EU agencies, stakeholder associations, social partners and international organisations. The Working Group was coordinated by DG EAC of the European Commission, supported by two consultants from Ecorys. The Thematic Fiche addresses one of the six sub-topics covered under Theme 2 of the Working Group’s mandate: ‘integrating refugees in education and training systems, as well as tackling the educational disadvantage of learners with a migrant background’. The first version of the Thematic Fiche was prepared for the Peer Learning Activity (PLA), which took place in Istanbul, Turkey on 23-24 October 2019. The PLA was entitled: Inclusion of young refugees and migrants through education: access, transitions, values. The present document, incorporating presentations and discussions in Istanbul and in the subsequent Working Group meeting in Brussels, brings together some of the major insights, findings and discussions pertaining to the inclusion of young refugees and migrants through education. Attention is also devoted to education about refugees and migrants. The Fiche further incorporates key messages and practices from the following Peer Learning Activities of the Working Group: – Inclusion of young refugees and migrants through education: access, transitions, values – Istanbul, 23-24 October 2019 – Integration Policies for Migrants: principles, challenges and practices – Lisbon, 3-4 June 2018 (study visit in cooperation with the European Integration Network)  Peer Learning Activity on Linguistic and Cultural diversity – Integration of Migrants through Inclusive Education in Schools, Helsinki, 22-23 March  Intercultural dialogue as a tool to address migration, refugees and asylum seekers in educational contexts – Athens, 8-9 February 2018 In terms of content, the Fiche presents definitions, previous work of the European Commission and other relevant international organisations, key research and impact evidence, as well a brief mention of several (policy and applied) practices presently being implemented across the EU. It takes the form of a ‘living’ document. Working Group members contributed to the present version of this Fiche by suggesting additional challenges, inspiring practices and key issues.

DOI: 10.2766/695631

ISBN: 9789276188797