This paper, which adopts a narrative and autobiographical narrative inquiry, aims to highlight the meaningful stories of four volunteers, including the researcher herself, who have offered language support to refugee students at a refugee camp in central Greece. Narratives are a crucial feature of human existence since they determine our traits, values, and worldviews. The individual stories of a small group of volunteer teachers depict demanding circumstances that emerged in the field of refugee education. They present their responsibilities and accomplishments according to their personal views that were formed after their teaching experience at a refugee accommodation center. The findings demonstrate the deficiencies and the accomplishments of the current teaching situation as it takes place in a certain refugee camp in central Greece. Finally, these findings pave the way for the conduct of a larger-scale inquiry that will inform us about non-formal refugee education in all refugee camps in our country.

DOI: 10.18848/2327-0020/CGP/v20i02/57-68
ISSN: 2327-0020