Our study pertains to the development of new teaching material for the subject of History, to be used in the low Greek secondary education (Gymnasium), either in reception or in mixed classes attended mostly by refugee and immigrant children, approximately 13-15 years old, who are taught and learn Greek as their second language (L2). Our design aimed at the development of user-friendly, flexible, and multimodal teaching material, both in digital and printed form, in order to facilitate the inclusion of young refugees and immigrants at school, while meeting the standards of contemporary History education. Our methodology relates to Content & Language Integrated Learning, Differentiated Learning, Easy-to-read, Social Constructivism, and the “Big Six” historical concepts model. The teaching material was pilot tested and the feedback was taken into account as part of an action-research process. Our work belongs to a wider project, titled “Accelerated Learning Programme, ” which enables disadvantaged children and youth to catch up with their peers, by providing a fast-track second-chance opportunity to complete formal education. It is supported by UNICEF, the Greek Language Laboratory (GLL) of the University of Thessaly, and the Greek Institute of Educational Policy (IEP).

ISBN: 9781536196115, 9781536196375