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Translanguaging through an advocacy lens: The roles of multilingual classroom assistants in Sweden
This article examines the intersection between teacher agency and national language policy in Sweden. We present data from qualitative research across multiple urban Swedish school districts that explores the experiences and perspectives of multilingual classroom assistants (MCAs) on their work and in relation to national and district-level policies. We interrogate what it means to uphold translanguaging stances in otherwise monolingual…
Education: Hope for newcomers in Europe
The aim of this volume is to bring together experiences from four European countries, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden, on how they have organised the reception of newly-arrived children in their schools, which challenges they face, what are the opportunities, where the support comes from and it has failed to emerge. The four contributions also illuminate the role of education…
How the different policies and school systems affect the inclusion of Syrian refugee children in Sweden, Germany, Greece, Lebanon and Turkey
Since the war in Syria started in 2011, many children left their war-torn country, alone or together with their families, and fled to neighboring countries in the Middle East, to Turkey or to Europe. This article will compare how Syrian refugee children are included – or not - in school systems both in Europe (Sweden, Germany and Greece) and outside…
Migration and education in Sweden: Integration of migrants in the Swedish school education and higher education systems
In this report the author updates the information on integration of newly arrived students in the education system. The focus is on students / pupils both in school education (compulsory and upper secondary) and higher education. It elaborates on main policy challenges (access, treatment, school outcomes, linguistic support to migrants, features of the education system, including governance, funding dimension); main…
Educational Responses to Newly Arrived Students in Sweden: Understanding the Structure and Influence of Post-Migration Ecology
Education systems around the world have experienced a rise in the number of newly arrived students. This article explores the manner in which the Swedish education system responds to the diverse needs of these students. Using the concept of post-migration ecology, the authors outline and critically discuss the legal, organisational, and pedagogical responses that make up the educational landscape and…