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Italian universities’ actions targeting refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants: An initial mapping [Le azioni degli Atenei italiani rivolte ai rifugiati, ai richiedenti asilo e ai migranti: Una prima mappatura]
The paper presents the first results of a documentary research aimed at mapping specific actions or programmes addressed to holders of international protection, asylum seekers and migrants carried out by public and private universities, in Italy. The research reached a total of 98 universities, using the universities’ official websites as primary sources. From the data it emerges that universities are…
Vocational education and training: bridging refugee and employer needs
Vocational education and training (VET) programmes can help connect migrants with the labour market and find jobs matching their skills and qualifications. However, considering the growing numbers of both asylum seekers and refugees, there is a need to upscale, adapt and reinvent VET programmes. Efforts to step up education and training provision and broaden access can be observed across the…
Integrating asylum seekers and refugees into higher education in Europe: national policies and measures
What role did higher education play in addressing the refugee crisis? Many asylum seekers and refugees entering Europe in 2015 and 2016 were in the typical higher education age range and had been enrolled in university programmes in their home country. However, while continuing to study may be beneficial both for individuals and for host countries, integrating people who have…
The journey of hope: Education for refugee and unaccompanied children in Italy
The Italian legal framework provides a high level of protection for asylum-seeking and unaccompanied minors and a noticeably inclusive approach concerning the integration of these children into the education system. That said, recent developments of the immigration legal framework concerning unaccompanied minors and its impact on the fulfilment of their rights, and in particular the right to education, should be…