Stateless persons

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Stateless in School: The ‘discomfort’ of Kurdish asylum seekers
The lives of children seeking asylum and refuge are complex; invariably both transnational and intersectional. Their educational needs and schooling experiences are often overlooked or lack nuanced understandings. This article focusses on Kurdish children seeking asylum in Germany. Qualitative data is presented to uncover the perceptions and understandings of schools, teachers and parents of children living through their unique educational…
Refugee education in Europe: Learning after lockdown
Schools and higher education systems worldwide are finishing their third academic year under disruptions caused by COVID-19. The pandemic has had unprecedented effects on education. During peak infection periods, many countries mandated school and university closures for weeks or months, forcing hundreds of millions of teachers, parents, children and students around the globe to stay at home and switch to…
The Right of Foreigners to Study and to Research in the Republic of Albania [Prawo cudzoziemców do nauki i prowadzenia badań w Republice Albanii]
The European Union has achieved much in promoting cross-border access to education in the course of the last two-and-a-half decades. Free movement of students is one of EU law’s most important achievements in the general context of free movement of persons. Today, EU law confers far-reaching educational rights upon workers and their family members and it entitles all EU citizens…
Understanding the politics of inclusion, the ‘refugee’ and nation: analysis of public policies and teacher narratives in Iceland
Even though Iceland is yet to host as many refugees as other European countries, the number of young refugees seeking resettlement is growing rapidly. Little Icelandic research has been devoted to refugee youth and their social or educational inclusion to date. This study focuses on how young refugees are represented in the Icelandic context in relation to often-conflicting ideological perspectives…
The effect of displacement: Living as a refugee: An exploration of displaced people in refugee camps in Greece
This study utilized a phenomenological approach to describe the experience of displaced individuals and families in a condition of statelessness in a refugee camp and their experiences pre-flight, trans-flight, and post-flight. Topics addressed included the conditions that led to flight from the country of origin and the individual and family experiences in the country of origin prior to flight and…