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The Right of Foreigners to Study and to Research in the Republic of Albania [Prawo cudzoziemców do nauki i prowadzenia badań w Republice Albanii]
The European Union has achieved much in promoting cross-border access to education in the course of the last two-and-a-half decades. Free movement of students is one of EU law’s most important achievements in the general context of free movement of persons. Today, EU law confers far-reaching educational rights upon workers and their family members and it entitles all EU citizens…
‘The teacher makes us feel like we are a family’: students from refugee backgrounds’ perceptions of physical education in Swedish schools
Background: Over the past five decades, the number of people from refugee backgrounds in developed countries has been on the constant rise. Although the field of refugee and forced migration studies in relation to education and sport has grown considerably in recent years, very little is known about refugee-background students’ perceptions of Physical Education (PE). Purpose: The aim of this…
An overview of refugee education in Europe
The overview of refugee children education in Europe we provide in this book is part of the Erasmus + project “ITIRE: Improving teaching to improve refugee children education”. Following the unprecedented flow of forced migrants to Europe in 2015, several countries have adopted measures to facilitate the enrolment of refugee children in the educational system. These actions have produced a…
Self-selection of Asylum Seekers: Evidence From Germany
I examine the pattern of selection on education of asylum seekers recently arrived in Germany from five key source countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Iraq, Serbia, and Syria. The analysis relies on original individual-level data collected in Germany combined with surveys conducted at origin. The results reveal a positive pattern of selection on education for asylum seekers who were able to flee…