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An overview of refugee education in Europe
The overview of refugee children education in Europe we provide in this book is part of the Erasmus + project “ITIRE: Improving teaching to improve refugee children education”. Following the unprecedented flow of forced migrants to Europe in 2015, several countries have adopted measures to facilitate the enrolment of refugee children in the educational system. These actions have produced a…
Dynamic Values Negotiating Geo-Political Narratives Across a Migration System
In this contemporary world, hyperconnected by migrations and digital media, discourse studies can add important insights about diverse interacting voices. Given increasing contact among individuals, groups, and institutions, understanding discursive interactions across geo-political migration systems requires methodological innovation. This article presents a theory-based research design and analysis of how diverse participants in the process of migration use discourse genres to…
Self-selection of Asylum Seekers: Evidence From Germany
I examine the pattern of selection on education of asylum seekers recently arrived in Germany from five key source countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Iraq, Serbia, and Syria. The analysis relies on original individual-level data collected in Germany combined with surveys conducted at origin. The results reveal a positive pattern of selection on education for asylum seekers who were able to flee…
Formal education of asylum seeker children in Belgrade, Serbia: Expanded meaning of social inclusion
Formal education of asylum seeker children in Serbia officially started in September 2017, when the consequences of European border regime became more obvious. In spite of the official attitude that Serbia is a transit country, there was a pressure to improve integration policies regarding migration, since a lot of people wanting to seek asylum in European Union have remained in…
Safe and enabling elementary education environment for refugee and asylum seeking pupils
In Serbia, relevant ministry and state institutions cooperated with NGO’s in the process of including refugee and migrant children into formal education. Save the Children has taken part in the process by advocating for educational opportunities for children on the move, working directly with children, parents, teachers, local communities, and cooperating with the Ministry of Education in assessing the needs…
Access to education for refugee and migrant children in Europe
Three UN agencies are calling on European States to increase resources and practical support for their school systems to ensure all refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant children can access and stay in quality education. In a briefing paper published today, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and IOM, the International Organization for Migration, detail the obstacles…
Arrived in Germany: When children who have fled tell their stories [Geflüchtete kinder in deutschland: Was sie über ihre hoffnungen, ängste und bedürfnisse erzählen]
For this study, we listened to children who had fled with their families. We made a very conscious decision to focus on accompanied minors who have been displaced, because they go through the standard asylum system with their parent/guardian, which is why they often remain "invisible" as regards their own needs and their specific situation. We gave accompanied children who…